Paul's Story

Paul Ross stands in the therapy gym.

Paul Ross, an energetic resident of Mandeville, Louisiana, lived a life filled with activity. A former foreign car mechanic, if he wasn’t repairing riding lawn mowers for sale, he was dancing, drawing on his years spent teaching ballroom and disco at New Orleans dance academy. However, his world turned upside down when he underwent knee replacement surgery on his left knee. What should have been a routine procedure led to unforeseen complications, and his life took an unexpected turn.

The surgery went well and he seemed to be healing, but Paul experienced a high fever two weeks later and had to be rushed to Kenner Regional Hospital. Subsequent treatments and antibiotics failed to heal his knee, resulting in the removal of all hardware and the installation of a spacer. A long road to recovery lay ahead, and Paul and his medical team decided that the best course of action was inpatient rehabilitation at Northshore Rehabilitation Hospital. Arriving at the rehabilitation hospital, Paul set a straightforward goal for himself – to regain his independence and return home. However, his condition was challenging; he couldn’t perform self-care tasks without assistance and required a walker to move around.

Physical therapy played a crucial role in rebuilding Paul’s strength. He diligently worked with therapists, utilizing various exercises such as walking in parallel bars, and using weights and therabands on his legs. He also tested his mobility by getting in and out of the practice car in the gym. By the time of discharge, Paul had made impressive strides, walking up to 100 feet with supervision and confidently ascending 12 steps.

Dedicated occupational therapists were also a big part of Paul’s path to recovery. They introduced him to adaptive tools to help him get dressed and put on his shoes, and with sheer determination, he mastered them all. Soon, he could perform all self-care tasks independently, a heartening sign of progress.

Throughout his recovery journey, Paul’s family and friends served as a pillar of support. Despite her aversion to hospitals, his daughter visited him, accompanied by his son-in-law. His wife brought along their three dogs, filling his days with joy and comfort. Grateful for the support of his many friends as well, Paul felt blessed to have such a strong support system. As he prepares to leave Northshore Rehabilitation Hospital, Paul looks forward to cherished quality time with his wife

This place and everyone here is amazing. They treat you like family.” and beloved dogs at home. His therapy will continue through home health services, ensuring a seamless transition to his familiar surroundings.

Reflecting on his experience at Northshore Rehabilitation Hospital, Paul couldn’t praise the staff enough saying, “This place and everyone here is amazing. They treat you like family.” With his usual positivity, Paul offered advice to others facing similar challenges, encouraging them not to struggle at home but to seek the expert treatment and exceptional patient care available at Northshore Rehabilitation Hospital.